For padding in the lower leg, horses have little muscle tissue. There is no natural protection for the tender bones, including the splint bone, along with the tendons and ligaments. There are several reasons to select horse boots to save their legs.

There are a few horses that are prone to over-reaching, forging, or interfering and injuring themselves no matter how light their workload is. When the horses are fatigue, they strike themselves generally. Young horses as unbalanced, so they would hit themselves. Performance horses, however, benefit not only through the impact of protection but also from the soft tissue support found in several boots for horses, of course.

The boots protect the delicate splint bone along with the inside of the cannon bone as they have thicker padding on the interiors of every boot. The bone can lead to several months of lameness as well as permanent cosmetic issues as the bones are broken easily. It is quite often difficult to find a product that can accommodate the permanent swelling without causing any discomfort to the horse once the splint bone breaks.

Gaining around 13 years of experience in this specific niche, the following are the top products that our experts have selected:

Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set

Weaver Leather Prodigy Original Athletic Boots

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses, Black

Sports Medicine Boot

TGW RIDING Horse Sports Medicine Boots Horse Leg Wraps One Pair

Travel Boots Leg Protection WRAP

Hind Protective Boots 

Horse Ice Pack - Cooling Leg Wraps

Advanced Protection Boot Set

Pattern Sports Boots

1. Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set

Extreme Vented Sports Boots now allows closer contour fit that is lightweight with improved designed horse boots. To allow the leg to breathe, release heat, three strong quick-grip closures usually make this boot easy to put on in the proper way every time with the help of air-flow perforated neoprene.

These boots for horses fit on like a second skin to safeguard your equine athlete while keeping the dirt out as it is easy to clean too.

The ‘L’ label on the boot leaves on to be for Large and not left. When it is laid out next to each other, or as the Velcro faces the opposite ways, they are not all on the same sides. This label helps the barns to match up after storage as they have different sizes and are not correlated to right or left.

It is the best boot that offers a complete protection is well-suited for performance as well as training. To today’s challenging performance riding environment, these spots boots have been updated and improved.

Against any external injury as well as injuries related to the soft tissues, it offers 360 degrees of protection. The risk for internal injuries as an outcome of hyper-extension is lowered with the help of the suspensory strap.

2. Weaver Leather Prodigy Original Athletic Boots

These boots for horses are designed with a Dynamic Sling System that offers superior support and protection to the suspensory ligaments and tendons as they are of high performance.

To make sure that both the sling and the wrap of the horse boots were designed just right to make sure a perfect fit to the equine leg, our research and development team went above and beyond.

These horse sport boots were built from the finest of materials for maximum shock-absorption to help prevent injuries and extend the competitive careers keeping the needs of performance horses in mind.

These boots have dynamic sling system that offers superior support and protection to the suspensory ligaments and tendons as these are high-performance athletic boots.

These boots are built after fine tuning the design and a range of research and development work that includes a wide range of horses performing hours and hours on them. These boots are built of finest materials for greater shock-absorption helping to the prevention of injuries and extending the competitive careers keeping the needs of performance horses in mind.

It features a stretchy binding for a snug fit that is combined with darted edges to keep the legs free from dirt and form-fitting, shock absorbing EVA foam design with neoprene liners. The boots offers your equine partner with great protection from injury with their ergonomic design.

3. Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses, Black

It is the easiest hoof boots for horses in the world of applying and remove and is quite affordable, and they are in great demand these days. It lays open completely to slip on and off over a variety of hoof shapes and sizes, with the fabric exterior and padded leather band. 

These hoof boots offers great protection to your horse’s hooves on hard rough terrains and it also provides the ultimate protection for the horses that are barefoot.

These boots offers great comfort from rehabilitation from injuries, navicular diseases, laminitis/founder, puncture, chronic pain and hoof sensitivity, contracted heels and sole bruising.

During trailering and breeding or taken on the trail as a spare tire for lost shoes, these can be used for protection. 

4. Sports Medicine Boot 

Get to feel the best for your horse by pampering them and improving their performance with equine therapy Medical boots. We are offering boots for horses that serve varied purposes. It can range from freeze booths to magnetic and heating boots.

These horse boots can reduce swelling, encouraging freedom of movement, exercise, or turnout to improve circulation even before the use and after the exercise. The tendons and the joints of the lower limbs are what these medical boots typically target. 

The boot contains a complete set of both front and rear VenTECH Elites as a substantial savings, and it also benefits of boosting all of the four legs. These boots are great for the racing horses whose legs are saved from greater leg injuries.

The thoroughbred race horses booted with these boots exhibits increased comfort from wearing the boots as they shifted their weight forward according to the study that is conducted through the University of Minnesota. The Sports Medicine Boot is a valuable tool to prevent the lower limb from injuries during training and performance as well as a valuable addition to the treatment regime to rehabilitate the horses with any kind of limb injuries with the combination of the high level of protection and energy for absorption with minimal effects on the gait.

The horses can comfortably maintain its normal distribution of weight by booting all four legs. 

5. TGW RIDING Horse Sports Medicine Boots Horse Leg Wraps One Pair

Between the horse boots and bandages, the wraps are a hybrid in between. These are a highly popular style of boot for horses, designed to fit similarly to bandages and provide the benefits of both styles. To protect the tendons, fetlocks, and ligaments during turnout and exercises they are a great way.

To reduce stiffness and swelling, these horse boots are also quite beneficial. They prevent dirt from getting under the boot, causing irritation with the secure, snug-fit look. These are also a great way to have cleaner legs for horses. These are a great option for all types of horses as they offer comfort and flexibility.

These boots are designed in a way in which they allow flexion of the tendons without having to rub them. The soft neoprene outer shell can keep your horse’s legs free of debris while working as they are durable against the water and mud. Your horse’s legs are conformed without having to restrict its movement with the help of soft padded neoprene lining light weight.

For stability and security, there is triple Velcro to closure around the cannon bone. Without letting the boot to slip, soft Velcro allows for natural movement of the horses. This product is allowed to be used to practice sport through the double-stitched for quality. To gain maximum protection, wrap around closure with Velcro allowing the boots to cradle the fetlock.

6. Travel Boots Leg Protection WRAP 

In terms of accidents and injuries, transporting horses can be a greater risk. These horse boots are always recommended whether your horse is a nervy traveler or is as calm as a cucumber. 

You can protect the legs of your horse no matter if your journey is long or short, and so these boots for horses are a great way to do so.

From the hocks right down to the fetlock of the horses on the back and just over the front knee down to the fetlocks on the front legs are covered by these boots for horses.

7. Hind Protective Boots 

Many horses endure injuries, scratches, and sores while being out in the field, as there are several risks for your horse during the turnout. To minimize the risk of a pricey vet bill, these horse boots are the best way to head for them.

These boots are highly popular for elderly horses, post-injured horses, and competition horses, as the use of these boots is great for any horse. These boots for horses also protect the legs and prevents them from getting affected by mud fever or mud rash.

These boots offer four-way stretch for greater flexibility as they are made of 100% virgin neoprene. These boots also make sure of a proper alignment through the suspensory rib. To allow the legs to breathe, perforated body allows heat to escape. Against the crossfire and other scalping injuries, shock absorbing splint pad guards your leg well. Exceptional grip and durability is offered by the new hook-and-loop closures with elastic reinforcement. 

The boots get cleaned easily and dried quickly with the help of soft lycra inner layer. Greater amount of support is offered to the fetlock with the new exclusive cradle fetlock system. The boot is ensured for close, comfortable, fit bound edges that help to keep the debris and dires out with the help of the new tough elastic exterior fabric that extends to the base of the boot.

8. Horse Ice Pack – Cooling Leg Wraps

For hardworking horses, these ice packs are designed to alleviate soft-tissue-related aches and pains. It reduces pain from sprains, bruises, arthritis quickly and effectively.

Sixteen inches of a leg is covered by the large ice pack. It is kept secure with adequate compression with the help of strong Velcro that attaches around the leg.

Until frozen, you can place it into a freezer, the leg that needs attention removes, and secure it around the leg. The pack will stay flexible and soft to conform around the leg or the joint when frozen. Between the ice pack as well as the skin, some of the horses may need a smaller layer of fabric.

For the hardworking horses, these boots offers the ultimate protection as they are designed to alleviate soft-tissue-related aches and pains. From the swelling, sprains, and bruises are reduced effectively and quickly.

The cold pack can accelerate the recovery time and boosts the healing process according to the medical studies. This pack and wearable brace will speed up the recovery time of the horse and reduce the ongoing pain when they are recovering from the exercises, struggling with general pains and aches.

9. Advanced Protection Boot Set

These horse boots are designed for increased freedom offering effective leg protection. It also offers ease of movement and comfort due to the soft padded lining with a low cut on the top.

The high-quality PVC outer shell protects it from strokes and shocks than the other boots for horses. There is a Neoprene lining that adds comfort and support to both the fetlock and cannon areas of the legs for increased protection.

This one-of-a-kind, highly respectable boots for horses for a comfortable fit is secured with the help of a reinforced Velcro strap.

10. Pattern Sports Boots 

The thoroughbred race horses booted with front SMBs exhibited increased comfort wearing the boots as they shifted their weight forward, according to a study. 

These boots for horses are an essential tool to prevent the injuries on a lower limb during training as well as performance, along with the essential addition to the treatment routine for rehabilitating horses with limb injuries as they are combined to higher levels of protection and energy absorptions with minimal effects. 

These horse boots are perfect for booting all four legs allowing extra comfort to the horses by maintaining their normal weight distribution.

Final Thoughts on horse boots

The vital step to help your horse live a long and comfortable life is to have the proper horse tack that includes horse boots for the type of riding or training that you intend to do with your horse.

To protect your horse from any kind of injury, using boots for horses is a good way to help. Considering that it can take weeks or months for an injury to heal, many equestrians believe that it is a good practice to prevent injuries as they are not always required.